and with a man who came to call them his friends

cole hauser had dipped his feet in the world of riding and roping long before he ever set foot in yellowstone, montana. but it was in yellowstone that he really grew to appreciate what it takes to live the life of a working cowboy.

But more than that, he was inspired by them by how tough they are, how hard they work, and most of all how much coffee they drink. So he decided to make a coffee brand that embodied the spirit of the west. That embodied the dreamer’s mindset and callused hands of those cowboys he admired.

So he partnered up with three of his friends, Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, Paul Anderson, all dreamers in their own right, all from different backgrounds, but who all shared the same vision. Quality coffee for those who need it most. Those who charge hard.

Together, the four partners searched the West for a roaster who embodied the spirit and quality we were looking for, and eventually found the Deckers, a family that had been roasting coffee in San Angelo, Texas for 25 years, but were looking to take their dreams even farther. The partners decided to bring the family’s West Texas heritage and know-how, and run with it, to bring great coffee to wherever dreams are being chased.