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This is our Colombian supremo, for folks who like their coffee bold yet balanced. From the high altitudes of the Colombian Andes, it’s slow and medium roasted for dark chocolate and savory notes that go down smooth. Called Mesteño after the wild horses that wake up every day running, it’s strong enough to wake you up in the morning but...
This is our ultimate house coffee. A 100% Arabica blend, it's comforting chocolatey notes are medium roasted to a smooth, full-flavored finish. The perfect coffee to sit around the kitchen table or campfire and talk dreams, tell stories or share a joke with, no homestead is complete without it. 
Flavor: Smooth, Round, Full Bodied
Size: 5lbs
This is the coffee Cole Hauser drinks. A dark, full-bodied, 100% Arabica blend; it balances bold and earthy notes with a smooth and satisfying finish. If you love a French Roast, this is your brew. For people who are serious about the coffee they drink, and even more serious about what they do after they drink it.
Flavor: Bold, Rich,...
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